Modified Academia Portfolios (MAPs)™, 1031 Capital Solutions

Let 1031 Capital Solutions Draw a MAP™ for You

While the universe of traded stocks continues to shrink, equity funds exhibit ever-greater overlap – such that meaningul diversification within the stock market is increasingly difficult to achieve.

As an independent firm with institutional resources, we can offer our clients access to a robust platform of programs and strategies. Many of our solutions are simply not available at “wirehouse” firms or bank brokerages. Although these alternative strategies come with increased risk, we believe alternative investments play an important role in creating diversification.

After years of watching how large academic endowments and pension funds have performed relative to traditional stock portfolios, we were inspired to give a name to our investment approach:

Modified Academia Portfolio™ (MAP™)

In a nutshell, we seek to develop diversified portfolios inclusive of alternative investments that university endowments such as Yale and Harvard have enjoyed for years: real estate, energy, private credit and other non-correlated, non-traded asset classes.

We call this approach “drawing a MAP™” for our clients. Just as every journey is different, so is every MAP™—and your custom MAP™ will reflect your preferences, needs, risk tolerance and time horizon. But when smart people have already figured out the best route, doesn’t it make sense to at least follow their lead? We certainly think so.