Today I want to quickly cover the top-five reasons why so many landlords are replacing their rental properties on the West Coast.

First, in the short term, yields on current equity have dropped to historic lows in many markets, sometimes generating less than four percent in markets like Seattle and lower than three percent in San Francisco or the west side of Los Angeles.

Secondly, however, reverse migration—particularly in California—is threatening to alter the supply/demand ratio that has supported rental housing for so many decades.

Third, landlords have never faced greater potential legal liability, a function of myriad local, state and federal regulations, as well as an increasing bias against landlords in western courts.

Fourth, California taxes are now the highest in the nation, and Oregon is not much better.
Finally, recent sweeping rent-control laws and other anti-landlord legislation has made property ownership nearly intolerable for many people.

If you, or your client, is a residential landlord on the West Coast, it may be time to consider your options.

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